IperWeb LTD


News: Winding down of Iperweb operations

Published: 2023-02-19


Follwoing the merger of the parent company Prometeus di Daniela Agro with our upstream providers CDLAN, as well as due to previous issues with Brexit (Iperweb LTD is an UK-registered compay) we are proceeding with the winding down of the operations of Iperweb LTD.

What does this mean?

1. All payment ways have been removed. As of this week it is no longer possible to pay your Iperweb LTD invoices. If you have already paid an invoice and it is not reflected in the billing system, this is likely an issue due to the removal of the payment processor before the payment cleared. Please open a ticket, attach some kind of a picture with the payment and we will manually confirm it;
2. Your service with us will continue to function until it expires. If you need more time to move your data, we will prolong it on request for free. If you have some credit with us, it can be used automatically on new invoices OR can be transferred to our main operation. Services would not be transferable as there is no equivalent in most cases.
3. Because we have no longer the means to process any kind of a payment, also refunds are no longer possible. We will provide you service OR transfer the credit in case you would like to use our services from the main company at www.prometeus.net portal.

We apologise for the inconvenience.